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Christmas is around the corner, and people are looking for ways to decorate their homes, workplaces, and other personal spaces.

Today, adorning the personal space with dried flowers is trendy because they are affordable and look beautiful. Additionally, using dried flowers is environmentally friendly.

So, read this blog to learn more about dried flowers and exciting ways to decorate your house with them.

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are air-dried or kept in the sun to be preservable for longer. The flowers are plucked directly from nature and then go through flower preservation. This process is necessary as it prevents the destruction of the shape and beauty of the flowers.

Thus, the dried flowers can be used permanently for decorations and are sustainable. They are even utilized for gifts, weddings, bouquets, and other decorations.

Christmas-dried flowers are also beneficial for decorations. So, let’s see why you must use dried flowers instead of regular ones for Christmas decorations this year.

Benefits of using dried flowers

Let’s look at some benefits of using dried flowers this Christmas:

  • Dried flowers last longer and are very convenient to preserve. These flowers are processed well, and thus, their life span improves.
  • A regular flower bouquet burns a hole in your pocket. Plus, you always have to keep them in water to remain fresh. In comparison, dried flowers are budget-friendly and don’t need your extra efforts for maintenance.
  • In contrast to regular flowers, the dried flowers survive on minimal support but still look gorgeous.
  • Dried flowers should be widely adopted today because they are biodegradable and don’t harm our environment. Make your Christmas more merry using these sustainable flowers.
  • Typically, we have to purchase regular flowers according to seasons. Well, not with dried flowers, as they are already preserved. So, you can use a variety of dried seasonal flowers to decorate your home.

These reasons are enough to convince you to ditch the regular flowers and make Christmas-dried flower arrangements.

Now, let’s get into the topic and see how you can create attractive decorations in your home. However, first, you must select and pick the right flowers for drying and then use them for Christmas decorations.

How to select and pick the right flower for drying?

Pick flowers that are not mature yet for drying because they last longer. The right time to select the flowers for drying is morning when the dew dries on them.

Now, we’ll look at the steps to dry the flowers for Christmas decorations.

Air-dry the flowers:

Since you have selected your perfect flowers, you are ready to dry them. The first technique for flower drying is through air-dry. It is the most straightforward process and perfect for roses, lavender, and marigold. The air-dry method works best for long-lasting blooming flowers.

First, cut the flowers along with stems up to 15 cm long. Second, discard the leaves and tie a string to its branch. Third, hang the flowers upside down and let them dry. Remember only to use the dark and ventilated space for this process. Furthermore, spray a little hairspray on the flowers and store them carefully.

After two or three weeks, you will get stunning multipurpose dried flowers.

Dry your flowers with silica gel:

You will find silica gel in any nursery. Now, we’ll learn how you can make the most out of this gel and create dry flowers.

Silica gel looks like sand in appearance. This is because it extracts all the hydration and moisture from the blooming flowers. This technique is designed for flowers such as roses, tulips, lavenders, and chrysanthemums. 

To begin with, pour the silica gel layer into the bowl and place a flower on top. Keep flowing more gel until the flower fully covers it. After some days, you will get crisp and dry flowers. Grab the flower from the bowl and mist them with hairspray. Store the flowers.

Dry your flowers by pressing them:

The oldest technique used to dry out the flowers is by pressing. This method works efficiently on all flowers.

Place your favorite or preferable flower between the highest absorbent pieces of paper. You can even use blotting papers for this technique. Close the book and leave your flower between those pages for a few days. For better results, place more heavy books on top of the selected book text.

It takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to dry the flowers with pressing.

Using these techniques mentioned above, you can dry flowers anytime. These methods are flexible, hassle-free, and can be done by anyone. Once you have dried the flowers using these methods, you are ready to decorate your house.

How to decorate your house  with dried flowers in Christmas?

Christmas dried flowers look fascinating if adorned correctly. Therefore, you must know some easy ways to decorate your place with dried flowers. Below are some ideas that will help you use dry flowers for decorations:

  1. Plastic or Christmas Tree Hanging: Take a plastic bottle and remove all its coverings. Now, cut down its neck to only have the bottle’s body. Fill the bottle with dried flower petals systematically. Cover the opened side with cardboard. Finally, hang this beautiful-looking bottle on the Christmas tree using thread. For this decoration idea, the rose and daisies look marvelous.
  1. Bring spring in December: Christmas is the coldest time of the year, making people miss spring. No worries anymore because you can create a springy environment in December by using dried flowers for decorations. Fill all the vases at your home with dried flowers. Make sure that the flowers you use have long stems, for example, tulips, roses, sunflowers, etc. However, be careful with the arrangements and don’t give it a dull or cluttered look by overdoing it. With this idea, you created a spring vibe in December.
  1. A fantastic dinner table idea: Festivities bring families together, and we often invite our friends and relatives, who enjoy the occasion. So, don’t you think that your dinner table must look enchanting? Well, we’ve got you covered. You can choose a convenient alternative to decorate your dinner table with dry flowers. Lay down the bouquets of dried flowers at proper intervals. For this idea, select vibrant flowers such as lavenders, pink roses, tulips, and daisies.
  1. Magical Christmas tree: Give your Christmas tree an extravaganza flavor of dry flowers. For this purpose, use daffodils, roses, yarrow, allium, larkspur, and safflower, and dry them out with the silica gel technique. Take each piece and place it on the Christmas tree. Use colorful flowers to make it look more mystical. Repeat the process until you feel the Christmas tree seems garnished enough. A tree with only dry, colorful flowers makes you feel like you are sitting on nature’s lap.
  1. Ring backdrops: You must use flexible copper or any other metal wire for this idea. Take the wire and round it repeatedly four or five times. Use strong adhesive tape and fix it in one place. Now, it is the time for the hero’s entry, i.e., dry flowers. Stick the flowers in the entire ring until the ring becomes invisible. As a result, you can hang this charming round dry flower piece on the walls with the help of nails.
  1. Christmas tree garland: To execute this idea, grab a thick piece of rope. Tie the string in one place, making it look like a circle. Attach the vibrant flowers on the cord till it’s fully covered and becomes a garland. You can use this garland on Christmas trees for Christmas tree decorations. Do you know that the National Trust Todor house in Cornwell has used this garland since the medieval period?
  1. Bouquet-like arrangement with lavenders: First, take a plastic wrap. Then, arrange your favorite flowers together and take dried lavenders. Place the lavender branches in between the flowers and organize them beautifully. Now, wrap this bouquet arrangement with plastic wrap and secure it with thread or adhesive tape. Decorate your tables, Christmas tree, and other places with this tiny bouquet.
  1. Even a few dried flowers can work, too: Well, this technique is curated for compact places such as small offices, libraries, store rooms, etc. All you need to do is take a copper ring and stick small flowers around it. The ring should be at most 3 feet. Use flowers like daisies, lavenders, rosemary, or immature rose buds.

How exhilarating all these methods sound, right? Make your Christmas more magical and allow your house to stand out among the rest with the dried flowers. 


Decorating the house for Christmas celebration is a new concept but is gaining enormous support. People believe that it is an excellent replacement for otherwise expensive ornamentation methods. They are sustainable, cheap, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, preservable, and most importantly, elegant for Christmas dried flower arrangements. 

If you don’t have a garden in your vicinity, you can even purchase them at an affordable rate from nurseries. Also, they are available everywhere due to high demand. So, this Christmas, take a step toward a sustainable environment by decorating your house with dried flowers.

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