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Dried Flowers Melbourne

People are now looking for various new ways to decorate their homes and personal spaces. Dried Flowers are a new thing in the market for giving a new look to your room. Currently, it is an exciting thing in the market, and people love it.

So, basically, what are Dried Flowers?

Well, they are more of a flower in preserved form. They go through the so-called flower preservation process. It is clear from the process name that it has held the beauty and shape of flowers for quite a long time. The dried flowers can now be used as a permanent decoration for the house and are an excellent choice for presenting them as a gift.

Apart from being used in the decorations, dried flowers are also a friendly alternative to fresh wedding flowers and huge bouquets. These flowers can also be presented as a meaningful gift on occasion.

Benefits of Dried Flowers

Let’s look at some of the benefits of such dried flowers, which make them quite popular in the streets of Melbourne.

  • Long Lasting – It has already been cleared that these flowers are very well preserved to increase their life span and make them long-lasting. This is one of the keys to its popularity.
  • Low Maintenance – A usual flower bouquet requires a lot of upkeep to make them survive. Meanwhile, dried flowers with almost negligible support can last for a longer time in comparison to other regular flowers.
  • Pocket Friendly – A regular and good-looking flower bouquet could cost you a fortune. However, dried flowers provide more mind-blowing value for a few fewer bucks.
  • Sustainable – These dried flowers are entirely natural and biodegradable, thus making them a sustainable product for our environment.
  • No time constraints – Since dried flowers are preserved, therefore they face no so-called seasonal time constraints and are available around the year in the market.

Here you have seen that the dried flowers an elegant, long-lasting, and environment friendly while barely affecting your pockets. So, it’s time we see some of the services of these flowers.

Best uses of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are full of varied colors and mixtures. Thus, it makes them useful for various other services rather than simply decorating and gifting them as bouquets. Here are some of the famous services in which some of our dried flowers are pretty helpful.

  1. Cooking – We supply some edible dried flowers that are good ingredients for making cakes and many other desserts. We also have flowers which are used in preparing marvelous teas. You can even experiment with dried flowers and prepare your own tea blend per your liking and needs.
  2. Cleaning – Our dried flowers are also very beneficial for working with your daily DIY (Do it Yourself) cleaning products. They are an excellent partner that improves overall work and leaves behind scented and very tidy things as a residue.
  3. Making Sachets and other arts – From our dried flowers, several new and exquisite sachets, pockets, and other new arts can be made that will enhance your house or closet’s beauty. There are different kinds of crafting techniques you can apply using dried flowers.
  4. Bathing and Body Care – If you wave the most relaxed and healthy bath, then you must use our dried flowers for bathing and other types of body health care. Clinically, the dried flowers have shown some results for its regular customers.
  5. Dyes – Some might know, but our dried flowers are also capable of being a dye for your clothes and specifically for your easter eggs too. A bit of hibiscus flower for blue or lavender and safflower petals for a pale yellow will give your clothes a gradient look and color.   
  6. Preparation of Paper – It is a rarely known fact that dried flowers can also be used for making paper. In fact, with the proper process and steps, you can even prepare your own paper or cards all by yourself. All you need is some dried flowers, glue, a paintbrush, and some cardstock. Apart from it, they can give a new and brighter look to your scrapbooks too.
  7. Making Candles – Dried flowers can also be mixed with your molds used for making candles. This will give a new look and a scented freshness to your candle. Moreover, if you do not know how to make the candle, you can always apply the crushed dried flowers outside your normal candle wax paper to get freshness.
  8. Producing Potpourri – With dried flowers, and a collection of colors and touches, you can also prepare a potpourri mixture of some dried petals and spices. It is used for perfuming a room. You can make a long-lasting potpourri with the right combination of our dried flowers and some scent essential oils.

Examples of Dried Flowers

Till now, we have seen almost every aspect of dried flowers. So it’s time we look at some of the famous dried flowers in the Melbourne market and see what makes them so unique to us.

Amaranthus – This beautiful flower is suitable for hanging around a pot or vase. This is generally in white and cream color. It gives you an elegant look and touch to your showcase.

Banksia is a native flower of Australia, and thus, it is popular among Australians. This makes the marvelous centerpiece of and dried flower bouquet arrangement.

Billy Buttons – Also known as Craspedia Globosa because of its globe-like shape. These are an excellent choice for gifting and can also be used in the home for the showcase. Generally, this flower is used for making a native Australian bouquet.

Dried Cotton – It seems strange, but dried cotton is more like a plant than a flower. However, it does not stop it from being an accessory for various exquisite bouquets. The good thing about it is that it is not a seasonal flower and can be found at any time of the year.

Baby’s Breath – Dried Gypsophila (the actual name of Baby’s Breath) works as a softener and a glue that keeps together the whole bouquet. The critical thing about this flower is that it does not lose its appearance. Whether it is in fresh, dried, or preserved form, it looks the same.

Dried Rose Petals –This is not for the bouquet arrangements but for enhancing your food experience. These rose petals are a common dried flower that gives your kitchen an excellent and intense aroma. 


Dried flowers are now replacing the market with their lasting effects. As you can see from the above points, these dried flowers are much more helpful than simply using them for decorating houses or gifting them as bouquets.

With a good touch of elegance and some right combinations with other things, dried flowers can help you with many more things. Here are only a few services mentioned about our dried flowers. There is much more it can do, so you better place your order and be ready to accept your dried flower delivery in Melbourne.

All these dried flowers are readily available in the Melbourne market, and you can even buy them at the florist or order them online. Either way, you can also opt for home delivery, and your fantastic bouquet or dried flower set will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do dried flowers last?

The main reason for fresh flowers to preserve and turn them into dried flowers is to make them last way longer than fresh flowers. Therefore, you can expect your dried flower for as long as a year with a bit of maintenance and proper time-to-time care.

Tip – To make them last longer, avoid their direct contact with water and sunlight to make them. Instead, try to keep them in a dry place.

  1. Are dried flowers more expensive?

Dried flowers are less expensive than people think them to be. On the contrary, you can get them at the same price as fresh flowers, if not lower. This is so because the dried flowers are shrunk and small and cost less per stem.

  1. Are dried flowers really dead flowers?

Drying the flowers to preserve them completely dehydrates them from water. In such conditions, they are not able to grow and sprout new roots or leaves if they are placed in the water again too. So, we can say that the dried flowers are mostly dead; if not, they do not remain alive for a long time after the preservation process.

  1. Are bugs attracted to dried flowers?

After all, dried flowers are only preserved and are still good meals for many bugs. Hence, dried flowers also attract bugs. But you can avoid them by spraying some insecticide on your bouquet.

  1. Should I buy the dried flowers?

Yes, indeed, you should buy dried flowers. Apart from being fantastic and elegant, the dried flowers also last a long and are much cheaper than usual flowers. They drastically improve your décor and are an excellent choice for gifting too.


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