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Mother’s Day is a very special day dedicated to all the strong and lovely mommies. Indeed, this is a lovely time to express your love and gratitude for everything they do for you. After all, mothers are the ones who gave us all the gift of life, and they should be honored and lavished with love on their special day. They are the ones who held our hands and made us walk through the ups and downs of our lives. Thus, it’s our prime role to gift our mothers something unique on this day.

For decades, fresh flowers have bagged the category of being the best gifting item for any special occasion. But you all know mother’s day is a very special occasion that needs something special. Thus, to your surprise, dried flowers make up a great gifting option as they are the most durable and lovely gift you would ever find. This trend of gifting dried flowers on mother’s day has taken over the classic fresh flower option; thus, you need to know about them.

We have drafted this article to help you know more about how dried flowers make up the best gifting option this mother’s day. So, without any further ado, let’s begin our discussion.

What exactly are dried flowers?

To put it simply, dried flowers are nothing but a preserved form of fresh flowers. You can even make dried flowers on your own. You need not do anything, just keep the flowers intact and let nature do its work. You may dry flower blooms by simply keeping them in a vase with strong stems and leaving them in a cool, low-humidity area for a day or two. To prevent the blooms from drooping, hanging them upside down will yield better results.

Apart from being a great ally as a gifting option, there are many other benefits of them. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dried flowers last longer than the former ones.
  • They don’t need water, stem cuttings, or flower food, so their maintenance requirements are very low.
  • Since they don’t contain pollen, they are excellent for persons with hay fever or allergies.
  • There are no seasonal restrictions because dried flowers are always available.
  • They can be colored the way you like.
  • You can prepare the dried flowers much earlier than the advancing occasion.
  • You can enhance the fragrance of dried flowers with essential oils.

Why are dried flowers the best pick for mother’s day?

Now that you know a bit about dried flowers, it’s time to convince you why you should consider gifting them this mother’s day. Listed below are the top reasons to convince you of the same:

  • They are uniquely beautiful & adorable.

Unsurprisingly, fresh flowers never fail to dazzle with their vibrant color and aroma. However, a dried flower arrangement unquestionably has the ethereal beauty that sets it apart from fresh flowers. The subtle colors, sun-bleached flowers, and luxurious textures of dried floral arrangements give them a distinct beauty.

The warmth and individuality that dried flowers add to a room are evident. A dried floral arrangement gives a delicate, lively, and vintage feeling. They are best to uplift your overall mood, similar to the fresh ones. Thus, can definitely delight your mother with a lovely arrangement of dried flowers for Mother’s Day.

  • Dried flowers are curated to last longer.

Dried flowers are the best option because they will stay longer than fresh ones will on Mother’s Day. Despite proper care, freshly cut flowers only endure up to two weeks, while dried flowers can last for months or even years. Flowers are meticulously dried for floral arrangements to produce a flawless product that will last for months.

Dried floral arrangements are one of those unique and utterly gorgeous ways to share the beauty of flowers with your lovely mom. They are made to last so that the person who received them can cherish them for a long. This means that, unlike the fresh flower bouquet, your mother will enjoy her Mother’s Day gift for much longer.

  • Easy-peasy maintenance

Another big reason for giving dried flowers for Mother’s Day is the minimal maintenance these gorgeous bunch of flowers needs. Because they need almost little care and last for months, dried flowers don’t need to be watered on misted like fresh ones. A bouquet of dried flowers will be a fantastic surprise for your mother if she doesn’t like to maintain things or you feel she deserves a little break from watering her flowers. The minimal needs of dried flowers allow them to remain in their vase for months while still looking beautiful.

There are a few things your mother can do to make the dried flowers last a little bit longer if she enjoys them as much as we do. Mold growth can be prevented on dried flowers by keeping them dry and away from moisture. Dried flower bouquets will retain their color and vibrancy when kept away from direct sunlight. However, if you don’t follow these tips, your dried flowers will likely last for at least mother’s day month.

Which dried flowers are best for mother’s day occasions?

So, now that you are convinced why dried flowers are an exquisite option for mother’s day. It’s time time to know about the best-dried flowers that your mother will love to cherish. We’ve compiled a list of the top dried flowers to make your work a bit easier:

  • Everlasting Starflower

Everlasting strawflowers, an Australian native, are the favorite dried flowers because they are very easy to dry. These long-blooming beauties are drought-tolerant and can easily be grown in your garden. If you want to make the everlasting starflowers look more attractive, you can mix them with a bunch of fresh flowers in a bouquet. One thing is sure; your mother will embrace this flower till they last.

  • Amaranth

Amaranth can be a striking addition to your mother’s day flower bouquet. This low-maintenance annual, also known as love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower, blooms in the late summer. They have long, dangling ropes or upright plumes of vibrantly colored flowers. The tassels look extremely stunning when they hang over the sides of a big flower vase. Also, the amaranth flower retains color when made and kept in an everlasting arrangement.

  • Celosia

Celosia blooms from summer through fall and makes a superb choice for dried flower arrangements. There are three varieties that give different-shaped blooms: plume, cockscomb, and wheat celosia. In addition, Celosia is available in various types; bright hues of orange, red, purple, yellow, and cream. Indeed, this flower is a very low-maintenance dried flower that lasts longer and looks more beautiful as it ages. Don’t you think it’s a great option for your mother’s day gift?

  • Roses

Roses are loved for various reasons, including elegance, beauty, love, and romance. So it makes sense why it is known as the king of flowers. The beauty of a rose is unmatched, whether it is offered fresh or dried. Thus, you can always gift your mother a bouquet of dried roses on mother’s day.

Since fresh blooms make the loveliest dried flowers, drying roses should be done before they wilt. The most common way to dry them is to bundle the stems together, secure them with a string, and hang them upside down to dry. Then, put them somewhere cool and dark to dry for a few weeks. Using this technique, you can keep its color intact while preventing mold from growing on it.

  • Hydrangeas

The hydrangea’s huge, spherical blooms are excellent for making dried floral arrangements. From summer to fall, mophead and lacecap varieties of hydrangeas yield lovely blooms that dry well. In addition to white flowers, there are various colorful alternatives to hydrangeas, such as blue, pink, and purple. You can mix hydrangeas with Amaranth and make a beautiful dried flower bouquet for your mother.

What are the best tips to keep the dried flowers intact?

If you want your mother to adore the dried flowers for a long time, follow our top tips below:

  1. Keep them in an ideal location: Ideally, you should keep the flower away from window sills because direct sunlight will weaken it and cause its color to fade. Remember to keep them far away from heaters, fires, and stoves as well. They must be in a dry, cool environment.
  1. Dust them gently: To maintain them at their best, dust them lightly regularly using a feather duster or paintbrush. You can also use a hair dryer in the cooler version, so they are not damaged.
  1. Avoid getting them wet: Try not to get them in contact with water because that could leave the dried flowers discolored, limp, or even moldy. Therefore, always keep them away from the source of water.

Wrapping up

Isn’t it evident that dried flowers can be a great gifting option for mother’s day, as they are delicately beautiful and leave an ever-lasting impression on your loved ones. Indeed, the best part is that they last so long and never fail to impress you with their uniqueness and subtle fragrance. So, this mother’s day, ditch the traditional way of gifting fresh blooms and go for a charming yet long-lasting option of dried flowers.