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Why Festive Dried Flower Bouquets Are A Must This Christmas

Dried wreaths and bouquets are used for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and other decorations. It has become a commonly used trend because of various reasons. The dried flower bouquets are considered symbols that ward off evil, bring good blessings, and a remembrance of our loved ones, among others.

So, with Christmas a month away, you should check out the festive dried flower bouquet collections available. They also add a different feel to the festival, with a touch of rustic and vintage essence. So, dried flower arrangements are increasingly loved by many compared to standard arrangements.

There are several different arrangements available in the market. Apart from that, many organizations also give you the option to customize your choice. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the festive dried flower bouquets and their craze this Christmas.

What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are not necessarily the ones that have naturally dried or withered over some days or months. Instead, dried flowers that are used for arrangements are made using specific methods. It is called a pressing technique in general which helps dry the flower while retaining its charm of the flower. Some common techniques used for dried flowers are hanging, air-drying, pressing, or using a dehydrator. The time taken to dry flowers might vary based on the technique used and the flower type.

Why is there a popularity of festive dried flower bouquets?

Dried flowers are now a famous alternative to fresh blooms. You can find it at many local events or family functions. The dried flowers are gifted in the form of scented candles, wreaths, bouquets, framed dried flowers, etc. But why is there a growing popularity of dried flowers?


The first and most vital reason dried flower bouquets are becoming famous is their concept of longevity. Compared to the standard flowers, dried ones last for several years. Plus, you don’t even have to water them. So think of having the Christmas flower decorations for a few more months. In addition, the dried flowers help you keep the vibe and feel intact long after the events are over. So if you can get the same effect fresh blooms give but keep it longer, why should you not?

More Decoration

There is also more room for decoration and design ideas when discussing dried flowers. For instance, you can use dried flowers similar to fresh blooms like wedding bouquets, festival flower arrangements, etc. But there is more to these dried flowers.

Dried flowers can be used as Christmas wreaths, made into DIY candles, wall frames, bath products, potpourri, etc. When you use it as candles or potpourri, you have the added advantage of mixing it with some essential oils that will make the product smell better. So, you can use dried flower potpourri in cars as a freshener.


The best part is the bouquets. You don’t have to water them or have them near sunlight. The dried flowers are colorful and beautiful. These bouquets are also easy to carry due to their lightweight. So, dried flower bouquets are popularly used for many functions and festivals like Christmas.

Most dried flower arrangements include pampas, roses, tulips, eucalyptus, sunflowers, and others. Apart from these flowers, the Christmas wreath also uses ferns and evergreens varieties. It is considered a symbol that brings warmth, happiness, and traditions to your home. There are thousands of Fern varieties across the globe, and these are used in Christmas bouquets and wreaths. Another flower used as a Christmas decoration famously is the Nigella, which is considered a symbol of harmony and love.


Another prominent feature of dried flowers that attracts many people is their sustainability. Dried flowers are now considered a more sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Dried flowers do not require the heavy intense greenhouse care the fresh flower industry always stresses on. So, you can grow the dried flowers outside in the field. In addition, since a dried flower bouquet will last for nearly three years, its wastage is drastically less compared to the fresh blooms thrown away in just a few days. So, they have a low environmental impact. Since they can be kept longer, they also create a special meaning and sentimental value for people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dried flowers last?

The dried flowers last for years. The number of years may vary based on how you maintain the flowers. If you properly clean them and keep them away from strong winds, they can last as long as three years.

Are sola wood flowers and dried flowers the same?

No, both of these types are used as an alternative to fresh blooms, but the way they are made is different. Sola wood flowers are not real flowers but are made from a marshy plant. Sola wood flowers can also be dyed based on the color of your choice. Dried flowers are real flowers that are pressed or air-dried.

How do you care for dried flower bouquets?

Dried flower bouquets need little to no maintenance. Since they are dry flowers, you don’t have to water them. But you have to keep the dried flowers away from sunlight or wind.

Can you reuse dried flowers?

Yes, dried flowers are reusable. Since they are already dry, you don’t have to worry about the flowers wilting. Suppose you get a dried flower bouquet. You can later repurpose them as decorative bowl fillers, make candles using them, or even frame them.

What to do if the color of the dried flower fades?

The color of the dried flower does not fade. All you have to do is keep it away from sunlight. But if you have dried flowers for years now and notice that the color is fading, you can dye them.

Can dried flowers maintain their scent?

Yes, most dried flowers retain their original scent itself. For example, flowers like eucalyptus keep their scent. For others, you can mix it with some essential oils, and these scents remain intact in dried flowers.