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8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space with Dried Flowers

dried flowers

Bringing flowers into your home can be rewarding. Besides beautifying a space, it can also help reduce stress by bringing a piece of nature into the comforts of your house. While a fresh bouquet can brighten a room, it has a limited lifespan. 

On the other hand, dried flower arrangements can remain just as attractive for many months, making them a more sustainable decorating choice. People popularised this decorating style during the Victorian era, and it’s currently seeing a significant resurgence. 

If you want to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your home throughout the year, this article will answer why you should dry your flowers. We’ll also enumerate some dried flower arrangement ideas to consider.

Why Should You Consider Drying Flowers?

Whether it’s a wedding bouquet, from a special celebration, or just a few of your favourite blooms, drying your flowers is a unique way to remember a special effort. It allows you to bring the beauty of your garden inside and preserve it for many years. It’s also an easy process that you can do at home to cherish the memories of a special occasion. 

8 Beautiful Ideas to Consider

After discussing the significance of drying flowers, this section will enumerate some dried flower arrangements you can try. 

1. Hang a Wreath 

Begin with a pre-made grapevine wreath. Next, gather various stems and flowers and lay them along the bottom of the wreath. Then, secure them with covered florist wire. Finally, add the next group of blooms to conceal the material. 

2. Fill a Jam Jar

You can make beautiful hand-tied dried flower arrangements with empty jars, plastic containers, or other glass items. 

Begin by selecting flowers like daisies, bunny tails, eucalyptus, flax, gypsophila, oats, broom, and phalaris for texture and colour. Next, add two or three of the same flower stems to your hand and twist them to round them. Finally, secure the bouquet with florist wire, cut off the ends, and make it fit snugly into the jar. 

3. Create a Beautiful Table Centrepiece

Make a fall table decor with a dried flower garland from various blooms and stems. Next, cut all the flowers to ten centimetres and fix them with florist wire. Then, push the flowers into the garland and secure them with the wire. Finish by pressing the three groups of flowers opposite each other to conceal the wiring.

4. Adorn a Mirror 

Dried flower arrangements can bring a feminine touch to a dressing table or guest bedroom. It can combine a wild, natural feel with classic glamour and luxury style. 

5. Decorate a Mantelpiece

Dried flower arrangements make excellent mantel decor ideas. We recommend using twigs, honesty, ruscus, and ferns for a muted fall look. 

6. Present Dried Flower Arrangements in a Decorative Dome

Display dried flowers in domes by measuring your blooms against the dome’s size. Next, shape the oasis to fit in the base. Then, push the tallest flowers into the space by starting at the centre. Finish by covering the remainder with shorter mimosa flowers and foliage stems.

7. Make a Floral Napkin Ring

Create a dried flower napkin ring by winding covered florist wire into a circle. Next, pinch small groups of flowers together and use the wire to secure them. Cut off the ends for a neat finish.

8. Create a Pretty Posy for Your Vase

Make a dried flower posy by separating items into groups and arranging them in a vase. Begin with flatter stems at the back, then add the neater stems in shorter lengths before filling them in with rounded flowers. Finish by securing them with florist wire and wrap the stems with ribbon. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing wilted flowers in a vase. Fortunately, you can preserve nature’s beauty at home by investing in dried flower arrangement ideas or visiting your local shop.

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