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Brightening Your Home with Dried Flower Decorations

dried flowers in a vase

Natural touches in your house provide a sense of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Even the smallest details may make a place more comfortable and enticing for your visitors. 

Decorating with dried flowers is a lovely and environmentally friendly way to bring more nature into your house. From an elegant vase to the attractiveness of hanging flowers, check out some entertaining and classy ways to decorate your home with dried flowers.

If you want to decorate with dried flowers, you may buy them already dried, but there’s something even more unique about gathering the elements for your display from your yard. 

This article will run you through how you can decorate your home with dried flowers.

Display Them in a Vase

Using a combination of dried and preserved flowers, make a long-lasting display in your favourite vase. Fill a small vase for a casual touch, or create a dramatic dried flower arrangement on an entryway table. You won’t have to worry about them withering, but it’s best to keep them away from moisture.

Add Flowers to Your Mantel

On the mantel, display dried seasonal flowers. Decorate your mantle with pinecones, preserved evergreens, and vivid red berries as a winter fire crackles below. In the heat of summer, airy pampas grass and coloured palm fronds may be combined to create a sunny show. The mantel is ideal for seasonal décor; it’s a constantly changing display of Mother Nature’s best.

Hang Some Flowers on Your Wall

Fill empty wall space in your home with handcrafted dried flower swag. Make a hang-down bouquet out of a herbaceous mix for the kitchen or a conventional arrangement for the living room. Add a ribbon for a more formal look, or bind the flowers together with twine for a more rustic look. Alternatively, you may combine these flowers with other hangings, add them to a gallery wall, or simply hang them on their own.

Have a Dried Flower Centrepiece

A dried flower centrepiece for the table may elevate dinner parties, luncheons, and teas. Guests will enjoy your floral centrepiece, which will be remembered long after the party. A woven basket, porcelain vase, or tarnished apothecary jar are all lovely ways to display dried flowers.

Hang a Dried Wreath

A handcrafted dried wreath will bring nature into your house. As a homage to the outside world, put it over the fireplace, on a closet door, or in the bedroom. The tradition of drying flower wreaths dates back to antiquity. Today, it is supported by various forms, sizes, styles, and patterns.

Have a Garland over Your Doorway

With a garland, you may display nature’s wealth. Set a garland on the dining room table to be enjoyed during meals to elevate the ordinary. Alternatively, you might hang one above a doorway for guests to enjoy. Wrap a garland over the railing of a staircase during the holidays. Dried flower garlands are vital in nature-inspired homes for any occasion.

Create a Napkin Ring

This dried flower napkin ring is a lovely way to dress up and place settings on your dinner table. Mimosa, daisies, rabbit tails, and gypsophila can be utilised. Wind a piece of covered florist wire in a circle a few times to create the ring foundation, then wrap the wire around the ring to support the construction. 

Pinch a small group of flowers together, snipping off lengthy stems. Place along the wire’s edge, then wrap and fasten with extra covered wire. Snip the wire ends to provide a clean finish.


Dried flowers are a beautiful, natural way to decorate your home. They add colour and interest to any room and can be used to create a variety of looks, from rustic to modern. You can find dried flowers at most craft stores or online. With a bit of creativity, you can use them to create stunning arrangements that will last for months.

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