Dried Flowers: The Ancient Art of Preserving Beauty

dried flowers

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your home or want to create a romantic ambience, dried flowers are a beautiful way to do it. These are popular decorations for homes and businesses and are often used in vases, wreaths and other displays. While they may seem like a novel invention, dried flowers have been around for quite a while.

Learn more about dried flowers and how they are the next big thing.

Who Started Using Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have been around for centuries and were even used in ancient Egypt for decoration. They were also made for perfume and stored in tombs. 

Across the globe, dried flowers were used as medicine in the Middle Ages and formed the basis for a Japanese art form. Besides making art, Victorians also used dried flowers to accentuate their outfits.

Over the centuries, people have used various methods to dry flowers. One popular method is to press them between the pages of a book. Another popular way is to hang the flowers upside down in a cool, dark place.

Why People Prefer Dried Flowers

Dried flowers grown and delivered within a country’s borders are an excellent value for home decorating. The arrangements in hotel lobbies and low-cost bed and breakfasts add a nice welcoming touch without needing daily replenishment.

People often prefer dried flowers because they can enjoy them much longer. While fresh flowers are lovely, they don’t last very long. Dried flowers, however, can last for months or even years.

Lastly, dried flowers are low-maintenance. Once they’re dried, they don’t need any water or care. You can enjoy them as-is without worrying about keeping them alive.

What Are the Most Common Types of Dried Flowers

The most popular dried flowers include lavender, roses, and chrysanthemums.

Lavender is one of the most widely used dried flowers due to its pleasant scent and pretty purple colour. It can be used to make potpourri, sachets, or sachet bags. Lavender is often used in wedding bouquets and arrangements to symbolise love, purity, and devotion.

Roses are another popular type of dried flower. They can be used to make arrangements, wreaths, or garlands. Roses come in various colours, including red, pink, white, and yellow. Yellow roses represent friendship, while red roses symbolise love.

Chrysanthemums are also popular dried flowers. They can be used to make bouquets, boutonnieres, or corsages. It comes in various colours: white, pink, purple, and red. White chrysanthemums represent truth and innocence, while pink chrysanthemums represent love and appreciation.

How Do You Prepare Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be found in arrangements at your local florist or craft store and online. There are also many ways to dry your flowers from your garden. The most common method is hanging the flowers upside down in a dark, cool, and dry place.

The type of flower you choose will affect the kind of arrangement you can create. Colour is another essential factor to consider when selecting dried flowers. 

While most fresh flowers come in various colours, dried flowers are typically limited to shades of white, cream, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. This is because the drying removes the water from the flower, which causes the colour to fade. 


Dried flowers are a versatile and beautiful way to decorate your home. You can use them in vases, as part of a centrepiece, or as wall decor. They are also a great way to add some colour to a room. With so many different ways to use them, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing them. 

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