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Creative Ways to Dry and Preserve Flowers Properly

Dried Flowers

Flowers bring happiness that is hard to capture with anything else. Unfortunately, all beautiful things must end, and flower bouquets are no exception. Their sweet aroma and brilliant colours last only a short time before flowers wilt and die.

That’s why no surprise dried flowers are popular now—and for a good reason. They’re beautiful, creative, typically inexpensive, and a highly sustainable way to preserve flowers or decorate your home with colour and blossoms. 

In Australia, we are privileged to have such a diverse assortment of native flowers right in our own backyard; many of them also make fantastic dried flowers and grasses.

Even if wilting is unavoidable, there are numerous techniques to preserve the beauty of those blooms. So, this article discusses crafty ways to care for newly dried flowers properly:

1. Choose the Right Flowers

Check the colour wheel for complementary, contrasting, or other appealing schemes when preserving flowers. You can apply the principle to the arrangement by looking for matching flowers or examining how the flowers will blend with the room.

Annuals such as cosmos, begonia, petunias, chrysanthemums, primrose, and pansies can all look stunning in your arrangements.

You can either grow the flowers on your own or go to your local flower shop for the best blooms in the season.

2. Dry the Flowers

There’s more to the craft of preserving flowers than simply waiting for your bouquet to wither. Humidity and plant life cycle affect how well flowers dry. Warm, dry rooms are best for preserving flowers. If the air circulates in a cool room, it won’t grow mould.

The time flowers first start blooming is the best time to dry them, not weeks after. Aged flowers lose colour and texture.

Air drying flowers is the most effective way to remove moisture. Wipe them with an absorbent paper towel to remove any residual moisture before trimming off the bottom leaves, leaving about five inches of naked stem. 

Gather your flowers and bind them together with twine or a rubber band, then hang them upside down anywhere in your home. The water in the plant will gradually evaporate.

If you’re looking for a faster option for air-drying, you can use a microwave instead. You need to use silica gel from craft stores to shape the flowers well. 

3. Pick the Right Vase

Dried flowers provide you with more display options. The vase or container you choose depends on the flowers and grasses, height, colour, and placement. Choose a bouquet that will highlight or blend with your favourite vase.

Use a vintage vase or tin pot, or be creative with baskets and bowls. Use a cardboard box, bag, or rustic wooden box, or create unique artwork with your flowers.

4. Display Your Flowers Creatively

You can display your flowers in a variety of ways. You can use them as a wall decoration while drying your flowers. They can be hung on a rustic-looking board and left there indefinitely. It’s a terrific and easy way to show off various colours and textures on your windowsill.

Another alternative is to produce scented potpourri and spray it with your preferred essential oil before placing it in an ornamental container.

You can also create a wreath so you can display your dried flowers on your front door or the wall. Pressed flowers are also a lovely and nostalgic method to keep your blooms. You can frame them, use them as a bookmark, or make them into artworks.

Try giving them as a gift to spread your passion for flower drying. Dried flowers and grasses make a great personalised present, and you don’t even need an occasion. You can’t go wrong with DIY kits from the flower bar or hand-crafted bouquets.


It is vital to know how to properly dry and preserve flowers. Several methods can be used to dry and preserve flowers properly. Using the proper techniques, flowers can be preserved for a longer time.

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