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Important and Interesting Facts to Know about Dried Flowers

Dried Flower

The use of dried flowers for wedding bouquets and elegant gifts for a variety of occasions is growing quickly, but this trend didn’t happen overnight.

Before plumbing and other modern conveniences, dried flowers were utilised to decorate and scent spaces throughout history. Because of their aesthetic appeal, affordability, and extended lifespan compared to fresh flowers, they are currently enjoying a rebirth.

When drying most types of flowers, you must let nature complete the drying process on its own. You may dry flower blooms by simply putting them in a vase with strong stems and leaving them in a cool, low-humidity area for a day or two. 

In order to prevent the blooms from drooping, hanging them upside down will probably yield better results. Continue reading to discover more about this fascinating decor and accessory.

Dried flowers, Explained

Simply put, dried flowers are fresh flowers that have been preserved by drying. There are other ways to dry things out, but air drying is the most popular. 

This entails drying the flowers entirely by hanging them upside-down in a cold, dark, and dry location.

The blossoms can be put to use in a variety of ways after drying. They are frequently incorporated into wreaths, bouquets, and other flower designs. You can press dried flowers and use them in crafts like greeting cards and scrapbooks.

Flower Drying Technique

It’s fairly simple to dry flowers if you want to try them. Start by choosing healthy, fresh, and untreated flowers with any pesticides. Remove any leaves and make an angled cut in the stems.

Find a cool, dark, and dry area to hang your flowers next. It works great in a closet or basement. Use clothespins or another means to hang the flowers upside down and let them dry for two to three weeks.

The flowers can be taken off the stalks and used however you like once they are totally dry.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh

You may preserve dried flowers if you want them to last even longer. This straightforward procedure entails applying a transparent sealer to the blooms.

Start by choosing fresh, healthy flowers that haven’t been chemically treated if you want to preserve your flowers. Remove any leaves and make an angled cut in the stems.

Next, apply a thin coat of clear sealer to the flowers’ fronts and backs. When the sealant is totally dried, apply a second layer by brush. Your flowers will be protected and used in various ways once the sealant has dried.

How Long Dried Flowers Last

Dried flowers typically last a year if they are taken care of properly. However, if flowers are bleached and coloured, they could stay longer.

If you want your dried flowers to last the longest, keep them out of the water and direct sunshine, store them somewhere dry, and dust them occasionally with a feather duster.


A lovely and distinctive way to adorn your house or place of business is with dried flowers. They require little maintenance and can persist for months. 

Ensure that you choose dried flowers that are of high quality and that have been dried correctly. Your dried flowers may bring a sense of elegance to any room with a little tender loving care.

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