How to Use Dried Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding

dried flower for wedding

As couples look to navigate the current wedding landscape, they are increasingly turning to dried wedding flowers to create a timeless and sophisticated look. With their long-lasting nature, dried wedding flowers offer a unique way to create a magical atmosphere while providing a stunning style to your special day.

Dried flower bouquets have become a popular choice for couples looking for a unique way to express their style and personalise their wedding. Their unique texture, long-lasting colour, and delicate beauty make them the perfect choice for any wedding. Whether you want to make a statement with a large, show-stopping dried arrangement or add subtle touches of dried flowers throughout your décor, there are endless ways to use them for your wedding. Here are some of them:

Bouquets and Buttonholes  

Dried flower bouquets are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. From elegant roses to delicate baby breath, dried floral arrangements offer a unique and timeless beauty that is perfect for any special occasion.

These bouquets are versatile and can be customised to match any wedding colour palette. They are also incredibly durable, meaning they will last much longer than fresh flowers, making them a brilliant investment for a wedding that will be remembered for years.

In addition to providing a lasting keepsake from the wedding day, dried blooms also have many other benefits. Because they are already dried, they require minimal care and are less likely to be damaged during the wedding ceremony or reception. Plus, they are much less expensive than fresh flowers, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious couples.

Smaller versions of your bouquet can be scaled down to create beautiful and unique accessories for your bridal party and other guests. When doing this, it is crucial to remember that the same flowers and colours you used for your central bouquet can be used for the smaller versions as well. It allows for a cohesive look throughout the wedding, from the bouquets to the buttonholes, bridesmaid posies, and corsages. 

Flower Crown and Hair Accessories

Dried floral crowns are an exquisite choice for any wedding, adding a touch of romance and bringing natural beauty to the occasion. Not only are they stunning and eye-catching, but they are also incredibly lightweight, making them the perfect choice for a long evening of celebration.

When selecting dried flower crowns for your wedding, you can choose from various styles, colours and shapes. Whether you are looking for a more subtle, understated look or a more dramatic, show-stopping style, there is sure to be a dried floral crown that is perfect for you. The best part is that these crowns can be customised to your exact specifications, allowing you to make them your own honestly.

Dried floral crowns are also incredibly durable, meaning they will look as gorgeous at the end of the night as they did at the beginning. Proper care and storage allow these crowns to be enjoyed for years, making them the perfect memento for your special day.

Table Settings and Décor

When decorating for your wedding, it is essential to consider the ambience and atmosphere you want to create. One popular and increasingly fashionable choice is to decorate with dried flowers. Whether you are looking for something subtle or a bit more maximalist, they can provide the perfect touch to your wedding décor.


Dried floral arrangements are a brilliant choice for a wedding. They are beautiful and unique, last longer than fresh flowers, are more budget-friendly, and are easier to work with. They are also an excellent way to add a personal touch to your wedding day by adding meaningful elements that you can cherish for years to come.

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