Which Flowers Make the Best Dried Floral Arrangements?

dried flower

An old practice that seems to be gaining popularity these days is the dried floral arrangement. Flowers are believed to alleviate stress levels in addition to brightening any home. 

In India, incense sticks were furthermore made out of sacred flowers. Dried flowers were used in ancient ceremonies to extract essences for use in cosmetics or medicine.

These days, most people dry lovely flowers to cut down on floral waste and utilise them as decorations.

However, not all flowers dry well. The ideal flowers to use for dried floral arrangements are listed below.


One of the most frequently dried flowers is the hydrangea. They come in a variety of blue, white, pink, and red hues, and the plants retain their colour well when dried, giving richness to any floral arrangement.

Since they dry in a few weeks, they are also among the simplest flowers to preserve. Simply cut the flowers, place them in a vase filled with water, and display them. When the water in the vase runs dry, you can leave the flowers in there; they will stay fresh and maintain their colour.

Everlasting Strawflowers

Everlasting strawflowers, an Australian native, are the most straightforward flowers to dry because they do so flawlessly and with minimal problems. These drought-tolerant, long-blooming beauties are the best flowers to grow in a sustainable garden. 

Cut blossoms at the desired stage of openness or just before they peak, and they will maintain their shape when dried at the time of harvest. Mix dried everlasting strawflowers with fresh flowers to make a bouquet or arrangement that is reasonably priced.


Roses stand for a variety of things, including elegance, beauty, love, and romance. It makes sense why it is known as the king of flowers. The beauty of a rose is unmatched, whether it is offered fresh or dried.

Since fresh blooms make the nicest dried flowers, drying roses should be done before they start to wilt. The most common way to dry them is to bundle the stems together, secure them with a string, and hang them upside down to dry. 

Put them somewhere cool and dark to dry for a few weeks. By using this technique, you can keep the richness of its colour while also keeping mould from growing on it.

Baby’s Breath

Gypsophila should be harvested when half of the flowers have begun to open. Cut the plants you want to dry, knot five to seven stems tightly together with twine or rubber bands, and hang them upside down in a cool, dry, and dark location to dry.


Wait till later in the morning to gather these lovely blue blooms since they are best dried after the dew has dried. When the flowers are in the ideal stage of blossoming, gather them for drying. 

How can you know when their blooming is at the proper stage? If the central petals are still sticking upright when you examine them, they are prepared for harvesting and drying. The optimum drying method is air drying in a cold, dry environment.


Don’t forget the lavender. They possess magic. They are fantastic complements to dried bouquets and are used for a variety of purposes, including tea, aromatherapy, and skin and hair care.

Lavender should be harvested before the sun reaches its peak to conserve essential oil. Make sure to cut a few gaps in the paper bag to allow for airflow as you hang the items inside to dry. Keep them out of the sun for a few weeks in a cool, dry spot.


When selecting flowers for dried floral arrangements, there are numerous aspects to take into account. Some flowers hold up better than others when dried, and some have more interesting shapes or colors. 

Choose flowers that will go well together, and keep in mind the overall appearance you want to accomplish. With a little forethought, you can make lovely, long-lasting dried floral arrangements that will bring a touch of elegance to any environment.

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