Why Dried Flowers is a beautiful gift worth giving?

Flowers are always wonderful to have—be it to add a natural pop of colour to a space or as a gift to celebrate a special occasion. But while a fresh bouquet is a go-to choice, there’s a unique charm to giving dried flowers instead.


How are Dried Flowers Made? 


Modern-day dried flowers are made by cutting the stems on freshly-picked flowers, letting them sit out in the sun until they are completely dry for about two to four weeks, and then storing them in air-tight containers. The flowers can be stored in these containers for years, and their colour and shape remain preserved.


Exploring the Everlasting Beauty of Dried Flowers


As everyone’s patience for keeping fresh-cut flowers wanes, here is the alternative that’s been around in recent years – the art of arranging dried flowers. Here, we reveal the roots and the benefits of this time-honoured craft that continues to capture the heart of many and answer the question, why give dried flowers?


The Benefits of Dried Flowers


  1. Enjoy a Stunning Arrangement for Years 


Dried flowers are, in effect, living art. They retain their natural beauty and, unlike freshly-cut flowers, don’t perish quickly. Once arranged, you can re-arrange them according to your mood and to suit the occasion or season. They can also be a lovely home décor piece, allowing you to make the most of them for years to come. 


  1. Give a Gift that Takes Tradition to the Next Level


A gift of dried flowers is an elegant way to mark any occasion. It adds a touch of refinement and finesse to the exchange and will impress your loved ones. And unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers can travel. 


You can send them as a gift or present them as a token of affection for that special someone. They are great for a birthday gift or Christmas present and make for a surefire way to express your feelings, regardless of the distance.


  1. Brighten Up Your Home All Year Round


Dried flowers are a great piece of décor that can be used to add a splash of colour and an organic feel to any home, regardless of the season. In the winter, flowers are a perfect way to add a dash of colour against a white backdrop. In the spring, a bouquet of dried flowers can bring life and a natural feel to your entire home.


  1. A Bang for the Buck Kind of Beauty


While it’s true that dried flowers come at a higher price than their fresh counterparts, the amount you spend on them is a small premium to pay for the years of enjoyment you get from them. 


Compared to other types of home décor that lose their lustre over time, dried flowers are a low-maintenance way to add colour and texture to any space. Plus, you can use them multiple times and in different arrangements to add a new element to home décor, no matter how you mix and match them.


The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Dried Flowers


Whether it’s for a gift to your loved ones or something to beautify your home, dried flowers are a perfect option that is both old-fashioned and timeless. They are a subtle way to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors, so you don’t have to bid farewell to fresh blooms in the colder months.


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